Sponsorship Request

Why not join us in developing entrepreneurs capable of competing on the global stage?

We are looking for like-minded sponsors to support the program.
Although there are many students in Japan today who aspire to become entrepreneurs with an international outlook, there are still only limited opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to study overseas.

If you become one of our sponsors, you can also send your own employees on the program as part of your human resource development initiatives.

Whether students or working professionals, the development of entrepreneurs generates driving force that has the power to change Japan and the world. We ask that you consider supporting entrepreneurship development.



Startup Rate

Total Funding Amount

Benefits of Sponsorship

Growth of participants

You can see at firsthand how the participants grow and change during the course of the program, through presentations and other activities.

Interactions with young talents

You can interact with passionate and ambitious young people who aspire to become entrepreneurs with an international outlook.

Internal Human Resource Development

You can use the program to develop your own human resources in an overseas setting.